"(Probabilistic Approach to NMR Assignment and Validation)"

PANAV is a Java based structure-independent chemical shift validation and re-referencing tool. It is based on using residue-specific and secondary structure-specific chemical shift distributions calculated over small (3-6 residue) fragments to identify mis-assigned resonances. The method is also able to identify and re-reference mis-referenced chemical shift assignments. Comparisons against existing re-referencing or mis-assignment detection programs show that the method is as good or superior to existing approaches.  Click here to download a standalone version of the PANAV application.

Please cite the following: Bowei Wang, Yunjun Wang and David S. Wishart. "A probabilistic approach for validating protein NMR chemical shift assignments". Journal of Biomolecular NMR. Volume 47, Number 2 / June 2010: 85-99.

To operate this server:
1) Input a file that is in BMRB, NEF, SHIFTX, or SHIFTY format;
2) Press the submit button.
Input File:  *Please note that a submission may take up to 15 - 80 secs to process.

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